Our Summer Programs

We provide a full month of programming to local community children each summer, from birth through school-aged. These camps include fun learning experiences and healthy meals. 


Day Camp

Day Camp is a longstanding tradition. It is a full week of full-day fun, with programs running from 9 AM to 3 PM. Local children get the chance to take our Environmental Education classes, with parallel programming for young children in our Little School room. 


Reading Camp

Reading camp infuses literacy education into our experiential learning. Using themes, rich literature, and opportunity for independent reading of books at the child's reading level, we help at-risk children keep their skills strong over the summer.


Science camp & Sports camp

Do you know that many children in the communities we serve return to school more than 2 months behind where they ended the year before? We reduce "summer learning loss" by providing fun learning activities with healthy food and plenty of exercise. 

Learn about our partnership with Kentucky Educational Television to bring STEM learning to our summer programs.