Our Farm

At the heart of our campus is our 5-acre organic farm, where we have year-round vegetable production, chickens, bees, sorghum, and beef cattle. Our Farm Institute provides supplies and technical support to over 80 individuals how to feed more than 300 family members. Each year we deliver more than 12 workshops, each aligned to the needs of a gardener at that time in the growing cycle. And we are very deliberate about the food grown here on our fields and in our 4 high tunnels: all food grown is served up in our kitchen or sold at the Harlan County Farmer's Market., where recipients of SNAP are able to "double" their purchasing power to gain extra access to fresh, healthy food. We are fueling a tide of market gardeners and addressing food insecurity through our programs, models, and services. 


Here are some of the exciting programs we have on our farm:

Enjoy more images from our farm...